Monday, April 13, 2015

CodeIgniter Is Back!

CodeIgniter just released version 3.0 a couple of weeks ago. I was sad to see EllisLab pull support, but it's been picked up by British Columbia Institute of Technology

Hooray! CodeIgniter is my go to php framework. To celebrate, I installed it to OpenShift. To facilitate this, I've forked a copy of the CodeIgniterQuickStart , updating it for 3.0.0

I've also moved assets and index.php to a public folder, which OpenShift accepts as the DocumentRoot. This simplifies asset management  - style sheets are now in css, not in assets/css. Plus, the php code isn't as exposed.

To use this quickstart, select Add Application from the OpenShift console, and select a CodeIgniter 2 application. Then, enter this repository url into the Source Code field:, and click Create Application.

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