Saturday, September 10, 2016

ElementaryOS Loki - The Trickster

After installing the latest ElementaryOS Loki, I was left sadly unimpressed. It seemed bugy for a release. But I needed a break, and I had found my old Creative ZEN all covered in dust. I was able to pull off some old music videos of The Small Faces that I wanted to see (I'll get to the point...) I hadn't looked at these in years. So I fired up Videos, surely THAT would be non stressful. The video started, but there was no sound. Check - yep sounds are turned on. I must be missing some codecs. I run

sudo apt-get install ubuntu-restricted-extras

And then I have music. And the light came on. During install, I had connected to the internet and selected to

  • load updates while installing
  • install 3rd party software wich includes MP3

But apparently it didn't happen. So I clicked on AppCenter and selected Updates, and sure enough, there was a whole slew of updates waiting. The moral of this story is always double check the install.

After running those updates and rebooting, I found that most of the bugy stuff was gone.

And now I am suitabley impressed with Loki!

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