Thursday, September 17, 2015

Artemis TS

Artemists  is a port of Artemis framework from java to typescript. It requires TypeScript version 1.5 or greater due to the use of decorators, which I'm using to mimic java annotations.

As a demo, I've ported the game Spaceship Warrior by @Flet. You can play my port here. In addition to artemis, it uses pixi.js for graphics, and howler.js for sound. For decent performance, you'll need to have WebGL enabled. That shouldn't be a problem for the desktop. I've tested it with chrome, opera and firefox.

It's a different story on mobile. In fact, I'm only now starting to use webgl because it only recently started working on my phone. So I was pleased by the performance on my Nexus when I packaged this demo up as a cordova application.

After playing around with both Ash and Artemis, I have to say I prefer Artemis. In general it is easier to work with.

In artemis you will declare the aspects for a system, where in ash you define separate node classes. Classes which are like manual boilerplate that I have to maintain and keep in sync with my systems and components.

I also like the 'createEntityFromTemplate' semantics, as well as the 'Blackboard' which I've merged in from the CSharp branch.

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