Wednesday, April 30, 2014

The Wonderful Thing About Windows Is...

That Windows Just Loves to Reboot. (Apologies to A. A. Milne)

I've finally got my mouse wheel back in Windows 7.  I've tried again and again, in Control Panel > Mouse resetting the parameters on the wheel. It never seems to work. And it's been rebooted countless times in the interim.

Today, I was making sure that my Node.js tool chain worked in windows, so I could hand it off to a windows developer. The lack of scroll wheel was driving me insane - I finally had enough and said to myself "I'm fixing this before I do anything else". So, armed with the old adage that 'the wonderful thing about windows is that windows just loves to reboot'  I tackled the issue. Here is what finally worked.

  1. Reboot.
  2. Enable touchpad (I hate touchpads, they trigger too often when my hands get tired). Reboot.
  3. Using the tray touchpad utility from Dell, I reset the pointer devices to default. Reboot.
  4. Went into Control Panel > Mouse, and changed my Mouse wheel params. Reset them Back. Reboot.
  5. At this point, the mouse wheel finally started working. I went back to the touchpad utility, and disabled it. Reboot.
  6. Now I have a working mouse wheel, and a disabled touch pad. 
Hooray for Windows!

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