Saturday, March 22, 2014

Top 6 Web Conferencing Solutions for Linux

I'm looking for good online meeting software so I can collaborate with other developers, and hopefully some customers as well.

My criteria as simple - it has to run on linux, and it has to be free. I don't mind if there is a pro version that I can upgrade to if I find it to be that useful. But no 14 day free demos.

My laptop runs on Linux Mint 16 Cinnamon 64-bit. After reviewing many packages, here are the ones I found several that will run on my machine:

A nice modern look with Google calendar integration. The ui is easy to use, and the workflow is well thought out - after the meeting, I was emailed with a reminder to follow up on my action items. also gives you a public Meet Me page where anyone can schedule a meeting with me. There is an Android app, but it's still beta.

Meeting Burner 

A full featured application, the ui reminds me of LiveMeeting. MeetingBurner uses Flash player for the presentation window. There is also a mobile app for android which requires Adobe AIR.


Yeah, I know. If you google 'veeting' you'll find something completely different :)  Veeting claims to be very confidential due to Swiss hosting. You can schedule short one-off meeting with one other person without joining.


Vyew has a lot of features, but has a steep learning curve.

Web Huddle

WebHuddle is beta, and feels like it. I'll have to check back later when it more finished.


On linux, Cisco WebEx only works in Firefox with Java enabled. The features are comparable to MeetingBurner. There is also a android app.

I really like It's pure HTML, has a modern look, and I love the Meet Me page and Google integration. I also like MeetingBurner, it's packed with functionality and easy to use. There is an Android app, and it works great on my Nexus phone. In some respects, they can complement each other, and I will be using both of them.

Veeting is not bad either, but seems more like a Skype alternative. The remaining are in my opinion not very easy to use. I think a meeting app should be more intuitive, otherwise it get's in the way of the meeting. WebEx is fast and the android app updates almost instantly, but the ui reminds me of the admin page on my router - also a Cisco product... If they fix their UX, I'd probably use it.


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