Tuesday, December 17, 2013

On, Hekyll! On, Jekyll! On Huginn and Muninn!

My search for better blogging has led me to github static blogging. Dont get me wrong - Blogger is pretty good. But as a developer, I want more control over my content than Blogger allows.

So I stared using Jekyll to post my blog. I absolutely love it. But I wanted more functionality, and that means plugins. And that means mucking around with ruby, and then generating the pages on my desktop. I'm not fond of running ruby on my laptop - it's slow. And I had to start learning ruby to get the plugins to work the way I wanted. And I had to make changes to Jekyll to test the site locally...

You know, I got to thinking. This isn't what I want to be doing. And, since jekyll plugins can't run on github, I no longer have a requirement to use it ... I could make the pages manually if I were inclined. Or with my own site generator... Hey!

Hence - Huginn is born. Huginn is a clone of Jekyll, but written in coffeescript. And my website is now easily tested and published to github using Huginn

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